How do I recycle an old mobile phone?


Have you got an old phone (or 2… or 3?) hiding in the bottom of a drawer? If you don’t use it, recycle it! We’ve partnered with MobileMuster to take old phones and their accessories off your hands.  


Leave your mobile phones and accessories in your next Power Pickup, and we will ensure that they are handled safely and responsibly via MobileMuster’s recycling program. 


We accept: 

  • All brands of mobile phones
  • Mobile chargers and accessories
  • Wearables including smart watches


Before you recycle, sell or give away your mobile phone, you should remove your personal information. If your mobile phone is still working watch MobileMuster's How to videos and follow their steps for managing data on your Android or iOS device.


If your phone is damaged and you’re unable to remove the data, as part of the recycling process MobileMuster will destroy any data on the device as promptly as practicable.


Check out our blog post here to learn more about what happens to your phones once RecycleSmart picks them up from your house.