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How do I get RecycleSmart in my council?

We are working hard to make recycling easier for everyone, but if we aren’t offering pickups in your area yet you could really help us on our way by reaching out to your local council yourself!

Let them know about our service via email or even Facebook, and feel free to use the template below for inspiration. 

For your council to reply to you, you need to let them know your full name and your postal address. 


"Dear Council,


I would like to be able to recycle more and more often. I have heard about a business called RecycleSmart, who partner with local councils to offer residents an innovative solution that makes recycling as easy as ordering an Uber.


Their on-demand pickup service collects 4 main categories of hard to recycle waste: soft plastics, e-waste, clothes and misfits (batteries, globes, etc.).


I feel passionately about diverting more waste from landfill, and I think it would benefit all our residents if RecycleSmart could collect in our council area as well.


Their website is recyclesmart.com and they have a page specifically for councils: https://www.recyclesmart.com/councils


For more information, you could also contact them at the following email address: councils@recyclesmart.com


Thank you for your consideration.


<Full Name>

<Property Address>

<Phone Number>”


You can use the above template for inspiration, or simply copy and paste and fill out your details at the bottom! Thanks for getting onboard - we really appreciate your support!