1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. What happens after a pickup?

What do drivers do on collection day?


Once open in a new area, we contract local drivers who share our passion for recycling. Each driver is fully trained before starting their mission and will be accompanied by an experienced driver for their first Power Pickup.

For each bag collected, our driver takes a picture and registers photos, the weight and the type of waste on our app.

Once all pickups are complete, the driver sorts the resources and drops it off at our consolidation point where the items are connected with our certified recycling partners.

  • Soft plastics are delivered to APR Plastics in Victoria. 
  • Wearable clothes will go to charity shops such as Australian Red Cross etc. and Upcycle4Better.
  • Unwearable textiles are collected by Upcycle4Better.
  • E-Waste is recycled with SPC Cycle.
  • Misfits go to many different recyclers, for example aluminium coffee capsules will join the Nespresso Recycling program.

If in doubt, each driver can directly call our Head of Operations to determine the best way to recycle an item. Feedback and best practices are regularly shared with our drivers to continuously improve our service.