1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. What happens after a pickup?

What happens to my items after collection?

Great question! The items we collect are taken to our consolidation points where the items are organised to be connected with our recycling partners.

  • Soft plastics: are connected with our recycling partners. We deliver pallets of soft plastics to APR Plastics in Victoria where they will be transformed into feedstock oil which enables it to become flexible plastic again. Find out more about our partnership here. 

  • Clothes: We are collecting wearable and unwearable clothes, please mind they need to be in separate bags. Wearable clothes that we pick up are donated to local charities or op shops such as Australian Red Cross. Unwearable items are recycled through our partner Upcycle4Better.
  • Aluminium coffee capsules are recycled through the Nespresso recycling scheme. The aluminium part is separated from the coffee ground in Nespresso’s recycling facility. The coffee is then sent to an industrial composting facility in New South Wales to be transformed into compost, while the aluminium is recycled and sent back to the aluminium industry to produce new aluminium products.

  • Books, toys etc. are donated to Australian Red Cross and local Op Shops.

  • Batteries are recycled through B-Cycle, Australia's nationwide battery stewardship scheme. 95% of a battery can be recycled.

  • Plastic bread tags are recycled in SA to make homewares, raising funds to buy wheelchairs for disadvantaged people through Aussie Bread Tags For Wheelchairs.E-Waste: We collect electronic items that use a battery or plug. We connect the e-waste with our recycling partners like EcoCycle where the materials will be separated and processed into new products, such as asphalt, concrete building products, lead, new steel products and new batteries. Want to know what happens to e-waste when it is recycled? Read our blog.

  • Cardboard: Clunky Cardboard is taken to your local recycling centre or directly to a cardboard recycler, depending on your location.

    • Unfortunately, cardboard is easily contaminated, even from food particles inside your recycling bin. If cardboard is contaminated, it cannot be recycled. Clean and undamaged cardboard is extremely valuable - it can be recycled up to eight times!

  • Bottles and cans: Your friendly driver will take your bottles and cans accepted by the “Return and Earn” system to your local container deposit machine. The driver will then donate the 10c refunds to a charity. To find out which charity we donate to, click here