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Why does RecycleSmart weigh my bags?


If you've ever been present while your Power Pickup is taking place, you may be curious as to why your RecycleSmart driver weighed your bags before they sorted them and took them away. RecycleSmart drivers measure the weight and volume of  the recycling they collect for a few key reasons, which are summarised below.


#1 Understanding how effectively we are diverting valuable resources from landfill

We are in the business of making it easy for people to recycle more stuff, more often! Weighing bags helps us paint a picture of exactly how well we are achieving our mission. Our drivers log information at each pickup about the total weight and volume collected across each recycling category (soft plastic, clothing and textiles, e-waste and misfits), making it simple for us to determine which categories are the most popular, and which new items we should add to our list of what can be collected next! Put simply, we can use weight and volume data to help us track our progress over time,  to identify areas for improvement or development, and to ensure that our service remains as convenient and effective as possible. 


#2 Providing your council with a snapshot of your community's recycling needs 

Historically, data in the waste management and resource recovery industry has been lacking. This has made it challenging for councils to determine how best to design waste management services to reflect the needs of the communities they serve. RecycleSmart is doing its part to help plug this gap, providing your council with high level data about how your community recycles. These insights can be turned into action when it comes to developing the waste management programs available in your area. 


#3 Giving you an overview of your recycling achievements!

We don't know about you, but we think it's super exciting to see the impact we are having through our recycling efforts! We love giving our Recycle Heroes the ability to visualise and celebrate the result of their commitment to the recycling habit. Why not set yourself a target, or challenge a friend to a recycling race?! We'll help you keep track of the result.

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