Why were some of my items or bags left behind?


If your pickup was unsuccessful or the driver left some of your items behind, do not despair! Recycling can be a tricky process, and our drivers must be selective about what they collect in order to avoid polluting recycling waste streams. 


There are a number of key reasons why our drivers may be unable to accept certain items:


  1. If items or bag contents are not clean enough to be recycled.

    In order for an item to be eligible for recycling, it needs to be dry and free of dirt or residue. We recommend that visibly dirty items are cleaned, and that different waste categories placed within the same bag are sorted by type (e.g. batteries are clearly separated from clothing and textiles). 

    We also recommend that bags are sealed or tied properly, and are left somewhere where they cannot be damaged by the elements, or invaded by bugs or ants. 

  2.  If items that are to be resold by charities are not in sellable condition. 

    Certain items like books, CDs and DVDs, toys and boardgames are taken to our charity partners to be resold. These items may be deemed unfit for resale by our drivers if they are damaged or missing components. 

    To avoid these items being left behind, please ensure that books are clean and undamaged, CDs and DVDs are unscratched and in their original cases, and toys and games are in their original packaging along with their necessary accessories and/or components. 

  3. If items or item components are made from materials we are unable to recycle.

    Some materials are only able to be recycled in certain forms or under very specific circumstances. If our driver determines that a material cannot be recycled under any of our programs, he or she will have to leave it behind. 

    This is most often the case with certain types of polystyrene, as well as hard plastic attachments for e-waste items such as blenders or vacuum cleaners.


If you are still confused as to why your items or bags were left behind or believe that a mistake has been made, please reach out to us at hello@recyclesmart.com.