1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Preparing for your pickup

How does clunky cardboard collection work?


Just bought a new television and can’t get the cardboard up to fit in your bin?

Moved houses and have packing boxes coming out of your ears?

Unpacked your new comfy couch but can’t relax with that big box in the hallway?  


You can find answers to some of the commonly asked questions we receive below. 


How much does it cost?

It’s just $10 per empty clunky cardboard box. Any size. Any dimension.


How big is “clunky?”

Whether it’s a shoe box or a furniture box, we can take it! “Clunky” simply means you are unable to fit it in your yellow bin, and want to get rid of it NOW. 

We will collect a maximum of 5 empty clunky cardboard boxes flattened or not.
Your local driver will count the number of empty cardboard boxes he collects and charge accordingly.


What condition should the cardboard be in? 

Your cardboard should be clean and dry. 


Do I need to break the box down or will RecycleSmart do it for me?

Good news! Your RecycleSmart driver will break everything down for you. 


What should I do with the tape that is on the box?

More good news! Any tape and labels can be left in place, and your driver will deal with them.


Where should I leave my cardboard? Will you come to collect it from inside my house? 

Please leave your cardboard outside in a safe and accessible place where it is protected from the elements. 

If this is not possible, book your pickup for a day when you will be home between 8am - 2pm, and your RecycleSmart driver will collect your cardboard from your home. Just leave a note with instructions on your pickup booking, and make sure your phone notifications are set to loud in case your driver calls.


What about my other recyclables? Are they able to be collected in the same pickup? 

Your other recyclables can be collected in the same pickup. Just make sure the quantity of boxes and bags you have selected on your booking is accurate, so that your driver doesn’t run out of space and have to leave anything behind. 

Have more or less to recycle than you originally booked? That’s okay! You can modify your pickup right up until 4pm the day before. Check out our article ’How do I change, cancel or reschedule a pickup?’ if you need help doing this. 


Can't find an answer to your question here? Email us at hello@recyclesmart.com.