1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Preparing for your pickup

What is a Power Pickup?

A Power Pickup is the name of our service because we want you to feel as empowered as us when you use it! Together we can prepare a better future for our Planet. 

How does it work?

1. Schedule a pickup to set up your collection day

  • Log in on our website by clicking “get started” or “log in”

  • Or use our app

2. Each day, put your hard-to-recycle things into any regular shopping bag

Everyday items include: 

  • Soft plastics: plastic that can be easily scrunched in your hand
  • Clothes & Textiles
  • E-waste: small items that use electricity
  • Misfit items: other household items that can be recycled
  • You can put any everyday items in the same bag. We recommend keeping soft plastics and items smaller than the palm of your hand separate from other items.

Plus+ items include: 

  • Big electronics
  • Clunky cardboard
3. Leave them outside Leave the bag/s outside your house for us to collect on pickup day
  • We take your items to our recycling partners, recycling centres and drop-off locations around your area. To find out more about our recycling partners, click here.
  • Don’t worry - our trips are optimised to reduce our footprint, helping us remain a proudly carbon neutral company! Want to know more? Click here.

Ready to recycle from your doorstep? Book a Power Pickup!

How much does a Power Pickup cost?

    • You may choose between a monthly subscription:
      • $14 per month
      • 2 bags collected (minimum 2 bags)
      • Additional bags: $7
      • Please note, it is a minimum of two bags per pickup.
    • Or an one off on-demand pickup: 
      • $15 for two bags (roughly 40x40x20cm) of tricky-to-recycle items
      • Additional bags: $7.50
      • Please note, it is a minimum of two bags per pickup.
    • You will only be charged once we collect your bags.

    • PLUS+ is for the occasional tricky-to-recycle items:
      • Clunky Cardboard: $10 per oversized box
      • Big electronics: $10 per item (vacuum cleaner, microwave, etc.)
  • For more information, click here.

How do I get the pink bags?

  • If you’d like to buy our pink bags, click here.
  • You can pack your hard to recycle things into any normal plastic shopping bags you have lying around. As long as they are roughly the right size (40x40x20) we will collect and recycle them along with the rest of your things.
  • If you’ve got reusable shopping bags, even better! We’ll sort your recycling on the spot and return your bags to your doorstep before we leave.